Monday 24 September 2007

In The Bag

What's in your knitting bag?
An inventory of my bag contents:
Needles: 18 circular needles, 9 sets of dnp, 2 crochet hooks
Projects: 3 individual socks in progress, 1 lace cardigan, 2 hats.
Notions: 1/2 lb. of stitch markers, 2 pr. folding scissors, 2 measuring tapes, 2 calculators, several elastics, 2 boxes of safety pins, 5 sewing up needles, 1 bulldog clip,
Books: 1 Button Up Your Top Down, 1 Kid's Knitted Hats.
Patterns: 1 sock pattern in progress, 1 lace cardigan pattern in progress, scrap paper, graph paper.
Camera + 4 batteries.
Emergency supplies: 1 granola bar.
I was astounded to see it all out. I hope my massage therapist isn't reading this. She'll reeeally hurt me next time for carrying all that around. But how can I part with it.
And why is it out anyway? I found a squashed banana at the bottom of the bag last night. Yuck!
P.S. Yes I'm going to put all of it back in.

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