Monday 18 February 2008

Can I do it ?

The Stitches West show starts on Thursday and I have not got the last sample knit. Knitters would understand if I display it with the dpn needles sticking out of the sleeves, right? It's going to be close, real close. It would be a lot less stressful if I had managed to get this done before leaving. Deadline knitting, arghhhh!

This little guy is in Emerald Green, one of our new colours of Cotton Tweed ( and our goal was to have a sample in every colour. This Woven Ridges pullover from the Top Down for Toddlers book ( is interesting to do. I love the over and under woven effect. The simpler parts will now be knit on the plane.

I did get my adult top down pullover done and I think I have all the wrinkles out of it. We, Bernice Vollick & Dana Gibbons (my Cabin Fever design team), had a good discussion on sizing up a pattern through 6 sizes, the tricky part of writing a pattern believe me. This pullover is a basic crew neck top down, sized from 38" - 53" finished measurement, and will have the ribbed neck you see here and an option for a rolled neck, cuffs and bottom edge. After I write up the pattern it will go off to the test knitter who will knit another sweater, a second copy of the pattern will go to the pattern checker who will read it with her calculator handy, after the photographer has her way with the sweaters there is one more final edit and it's ready to go up for sale in about a month, 6 weeks, 8 weeks ?? It sort of depends on everyone's schedule but it's on its way. Yes !

California, here we come.


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