Sunday 3 February 2008

No Finishing Here

There is no excuse for any of this. The startistis bug has got me firmly in it's grip and I can't stop. Someone help me!

This blue Top Down is an adult version of the Tweeny pattern ( . I really liked the neckline on this so after finishing the Tweeny pattern for teenagers and small adults I immediately started one for myself. I did work out the sizes from 39" to 53" and the writing of the pattern should be following but ... it is not at present.

No, I started another pair of socks. I incorporated a pattern from a hat I knit over the Christmas holidays. It swirls but I'm not convinced this is a great pattern for a sock yet since it is not well defined enough. But I love the swirl. So I may look for a better swirling pattern but does anyone want to finish a couple of socks? I'm soooo close to being done. But there they sit in the pile of UFOs.

And another lonely sock. Yes, there are more. This is another Lacey Leg sock ( using Shelridge Farm's wool since I thought the orange I used previously, a gorgeous lace sock, did not photograph well. All that colour was distracting. But this sock is lonely and wants a mate, it's starting to moon around something dreadful. Sock romance is so pitiful. I will have to knit another one soon. I can't stand the sighing from this ever growing pile beside my chair.

This sweater you may remember from before Christmas. It's been side tracked by so many other beginnings and I'm really starting to feel guilty. I missed photographing the second sleeve which has dpns in it and is knit to the elbow. It would take no time at all to finish and strike one more project off of my guilty UFO list. And I'm going to do that, really I am, soon, really soon.
Right after I wind up this green wool which reminds me that spring is coming and that the days are getting longer and ... I really need a green sweater, with navy trim and a large collar and huge buttons and ribbing down the centre front and back. It's all right there in my head. How can I resist that.
I know, I am weak, so weak. And I didn't even show the photograph of the baby sweater I started yesterday. But it's tiny, hardly worth a mention. And I intend to finish it soon.
- Deb

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  1. All of this sounds perfectly normal to me! Casting on is more fun than finishing. That's a given. Your pile beside the chair rivals my ufo pile. Nothing wrong with that at all. :O)


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