Sunday 17 February 2008


I was at a party on Friday night and between the playing of music and the discussing of instruments I learned that a guitar needs to kept in an environmnet with 45% humidity and that this is difficult to do in our homes in the middle of winter so one must have a humidifier in your guitar case. I figured that what was good for a guitar must be good for me so I washed some socks. Here is my humidifier working very well thank you very much.

That is not a mirage you are seeing behind the stool, my walls are really that orange. And my green floor is shortly to be morphed into that red colour (see experimental painted strip along bottom of wall). Not too shortly though, I am waiting until spring when I can open a door and window. I slogged through painting the walls and the ceiling but I'm really excited about painting the floor. I might make potato stencils and put a second shade of red on top of that colour. It will be conversation piece even if it doesn't quite come off.

- Deb

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