Thursday 28 February 2008

Time flies when you sleep all the time but I'm finally over my jet lag. I wasn't much help to my curling team on Tuesday morning - jet lag, a cold, and stiffness from all the flying time does not help to make you limber and alert. I was standing in the house (the bull's eye rings for the non-curlers) and supposed to tell the sweepers when to sweep and the thought that they should start sweeping came into my head and stayed there because before I knew it the rock was already in the house. Just a wee bit slow on the transfer from thought to verbal output. I started to wake up around 10:30am (which would have been 7:30am for me, still on California time) but that's half way through the game and a little late to be surfacing. We still tied the game but next week, watch out, I have to make up for this poor showing.

And now back to work. We are going to a small show on Saturday, March 1, at the Simcoe County Museum ( called Heritage Crafters Sampler Day where they are featuring several different hand crafts with a display of work, a small market with vendors, and a list of classes that the museum will be holding in April. This is part of their education mandate and it will be fun. They want to introduce more people to hand crafting which is wonderful.

Our Guild was introduced to something completely different at our meeting last night - Cat Bhordi's Moebius cast on. Not an easy thing to get on to but Terry did a great job of keeping us at it and we all got a cast on round and several rounds knit. It is an amazing thing and next month we should see some Moebius scarves finished.

Here's my Moebius beginning. Can you see where the fabric crosses on the second photo? And can you see that the circular needle is winding around twice? At the crossing the needle is moving from the inner circle to the outer circle. You cast on in the centre and knit away from the centre at both edges at the same time. Pretty amazing. I am knitting 3 rounds, then wrapping and turning to the inside and knitting 3 more rounds. That way I get the ridges that are showing. It's fun to try out and most of my fellow guild members picked more exciting wool than I did so I hope I can photograph them next month.
- Deb

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  1. Looking forward to seeing the finished moebius- I've been wanting to make one but have been intimidated. I'm currently working on one of your poncho patterns for my 21 month old and am loving the project.


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