Sunday 24 February 2008

They Have Oranges Here

We are in California and it's February here too. It's been pouring rain most of the weekend. Who knew. There are lots of songs about lovely CA but are there any songs about rain in California?

But they have oranges here. One of the vendors brings us oranges picked from her backyard when we are here. So imagine the scene, it's 4pm and we vendors are kinda pooped. Gwen brings a box of fresh picked oranges over. We are sooo excited and start peeling immediately. Four of us Canadians hovered over a garbage can in the middle of our booths oohing and aahing over these oranges while California knitters are walking by looking at us with a 'what's the big deal, they're just oranges' expression on their faces. We never see an orange which is not picked early and ripened as it travels across both of our countries. They are not the same oranges at all. They were so delicious.

I forgot my patch cord for my camera so no pics. Back home tonight on the redeye. Yes!


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  1. As a sister Canadian I can appreciate the orange frenzy! We were fortunate this year in that hub's sister sent us a big box of oranges and grapefruit from Florida. Although they had to travel, they are not the same as the ones we get at the store. :O) But, you know, if you lived where they are grown, they wouldn't have been so special to you either. It's like people coming here and wanting to see Niagara Falls. Yeah. The place we took Sunday drives in the back of the parents' car. No novelty for me, specially as we live near it, but for others a huge attraction! Safe home! samm


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