Friday 3 April 2009


I've been struck down with a cold. In a drug induced stupor I kept knitting but had to rip most of it out again. Although I have made some progress.I have put the sleeve stitches on spare yarn so you can sort of see where I am going here. I have some decisions to make now because I have to decrease somewhere and haven't decided where yet - at the side seams, down the centre back, inside the pattern, outside of the pattern? Hmm, choices, choices. It's too late in the day for decisions now but I wanted to let you know that I hadn't deserted my blog. Just need a bit of time to recuperate and get 'my little gray cells' as Poirot would say, back into working order.


Samm, you may have an idea there. There has to be a solution to the 'seconds' problem.


  1. You knit pretty darn well for someone who's sick - I hope you're feeling much better.

    Coming Tuesday? Jed

  2. Hope you're feeling better! I have some lonely socks here. Maybe some would match yours??? Not likely though. I know someone who just wears mismatched socks. I think that's a wonderful solution, myself. Perhaps I'll begin. samm


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