Thursday 4 February 2010

The experiment didn't work. It somehow doesn't look right.
The stripes are too round at the top and there is a giant blip in the fabric where I began the raglan shaping. So the combination of round yoke shaping into raglan shaping is not working for me.
I really want this more traditional looking set up of the stripes. This is the standard raglan shaping where,  because there are short rows lowering the front of neck, the beginning of the round is at the Left Front shoulder. All the pairs of increases would start at the Left Front shoulder. But the stripes should begin at the Left Back shoulder. So that means you would begin your rounds with your increases at the front shoulder and then at the back of the shoulder change colours for the stripes. Too confusing. So I thought I would try putting the short row shaping in the collar.
I think this is going to work. The back is higher and it gives me the traditional squareness for the stripes. I just have to write out the short rows as plainly as I can. OK, I'm going to do that right now. See ya,

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  1. Deb:
    I am loving your recent projects - Valentine and Teen cardigan in particular. And the latest brain-hurting striped top-down! Your explanations of your process are always of interest, if sometimes they do REALLY make my brain hurt, but it always comes out in the end and the published patterns are models of clarity and explanation. Thanks to your blog, we know what you have gone through to make it so easy for us to knit the designs.
    Thank you, Ann B.


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