Sunday 28 February 2010

Hello from Santa Clara

Karen and I are having a ball here in California at the Stitches West show. This is one busy, busy show! Our hand-dyed Silk & Silver yarn and the lace shawls have been a big hit (have to take down the display today as there's none left). It's been great fun visiting with our customers who come back year after year and some brought their completed projects:
Sandy Paulson brought in this gorgeous example of the work she is doing from The Buttons Cardigan. She's added a beautiful ruffle to the edges and the colour accents really set it all off. I gather this is one of many, many she's done.
Robin Gordon brought in two of the Side to Side shawls that she's completed with a butter soft alpaca yarn (Misti I think the name was). While she was showing me the shawls, people could not resist coming up and stroking the back of our random model (that's Robin on the right and I don't know the name of the model as she just came to help with the photo and put the shawl on). The pattern really shows off the yarn and Robin says it's "so comfortable to wear".
And check out this handsome guy! He bought one of our T-Shirt's and was proudly wearing it yesterday! In fact we had two men running around the show with them on. They thought they were pretty funny. 

You'll be wondering about this next shot: 
Yes, those are oranges : )    Gwen Bortner, who is a teacher at the show, and a friend of us Canadians, brings us fresh (and I mean picked the day before) oranges from the tree in her back yard. We (Don & Buffy, Lana & Diane, Jill & Ron and Karen & I) devoured them. They are delicious and smell so good. It's our annual treat for sure.

OK, time to get off to the show.



  1. Just wanted you to know it was a pleasure to shop in your booth at "Switches West". I always enjoy making your patterns.

  2. There is nothing quite so satisfying as giving something to someone who really appreciates it! (And it is better for the orange tree if we get them picked)! We here in California forget how good we have it when it comes to fruits and vegetables until we have to spend much time somewhere else.

    Glad you enjoyed them. If you want to see the tree, you can see it on my blog -- Two Sides of the Same Stitch at

    Always good to see you!!



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