Thursday 25 February 2010

Quite often on a big project things seem to stall for a while. That's a little scary when a deadline is coming up. But the Teen booklet has recently picked up speed and we are rolling downhill now. Bernice is testknitting my A-line cardigan.
This will be the shorter version of the long cardigan I made. And Dana is working on Bernice's Hoodie.
She's most of the way up the Back Panel here. Next week the sweaters might be finished (fingers crossed) and to move the patterns along I'm going to be editing and crunching numbers over the weekend. Bernice has offered to introduce me to spread sheets, new territory for me and exciting stuff indeed. I'm totally serious, this could make pattern writing much easier in the future.

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  1. Is that the Ice Chips wool, on the blue cardigan? Looks great. Way to go, Bernice. Once you've mastered spreadsheets, you can teach me..... :o)


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