Tuesday 23 February 2010

Surprise, surprise, yes the green lace sweater is worked from the bottom up. Hey I'm a versatile person, OK not really so much but this has been interesting to do. I'm putting in the same photo because it doesn't look very much different than this, it's just several inches longer. What you won't be able to notice is that I've progressed from a 5.0mm needle at the bottom to a 4.5mm needle in the middle and now I'm working with a 3.75mm needle. This is going to A-line this slightly. I'm very close to making a change from the lace. Yeah you gotta love when the changes come up.
In this blog you get me bleating on about Top Down because it's hugely interesting to me and I love exploring the various aspects of it. But the Cabin Fever motto is 'when you cast off you're done' which translates into minimal finishing and working in one piece. Top Down fits perfectly into this way of thinking but so does bottom up and multidirectional and all sorts of other constructions. I rely on others now to come up with the other ways of avoiding seams since working Top Down has captivated me. But I'm having fun with this lace number and I'm probably half done now, yay.

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