Sunday 21 February 2010

This is a report card of my progress on the testknitting for the Teen booklet.  The sleeves are coming along.
At least one sleeve is. A top down always looks so much better once the sleeves begin. I had a random thought, could you work both of them at the same time? I was thinking of trying it but the 4 balls of yarn dangling was a deterrent for this project. I might give it a shot on a one colour garment some time. (I think this photo is a reflection of my fuzzy brain this morning. How does the camera do that?

I started the testknit of a lace tunic and it's very enjoyable knitting, except for the 2 mistakes I made (totally my own fault) which had to be tinked back to discover that there was one more mistake I had overlooked. Sometimes tinking is really rewarding. Now I'm back on track.


  1. That lace pattern would also make a lovely cap!

  2. Deb: Is that a bottom-up (so to speak!!) tunic?! Thought you only ever did top-down. It's lovely.


  3. The lace is beautiful - Kathryn (one of your market teens) might even go for that. Can't wait to see the final result.


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