Monday 26 April 2010

I finished Mary's Shawl/Scarf. This is the scarf size which uses one skein of sock wool. It starts at the tip goes up to the top which was a new wasy of doing a shawl for me. I really enjoyed it. The pattern should be ready the first week of May.

And another finished item, yay!
I think I have 3 black and white checkered buttons at the shop. They would look so cool on this Last Minute Baby . It feels terrific to finish a couple of things. Now back to some of the UFO's I have stuffed behind my chair (and we all know why they are behind the chair - guilt is oozing off of them, it's messy).

Fiona Ellis (canadian designer) told me that she and her friends do a 'knit count' on all the movies that they watch. So chime in when you have one that's got a high count. Elizabeth has started the list with 'Out of Africa' for shawl knitting. I would add in 'Emma' which has only a couple of shawl sightings but better than nothing. I do remember that 'Cider House' had quite a few of knitted garments in it.

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