Monday 5 April 2010

OK, so this is my idea. We usually measure our busts and get the number of inches and then we pick a size from our pattern. But what I want is a nice fitting summer top with buttons down the front which do not gap. Which really means that I need more material in the front than the back, in essence I need the idea of a bust dart.

So I measured my bust, 37" around, then I measured right underneath for my underbust which measures 34". Which means my back measures half of that, around 17", leaving 20" across the Front. I'm adding in 1 1/2" of ease in the Back so it's going to measure 18 1/2" and then I'm adding in the same ease on the Front, for 21 1/2" and I will end up with a 40" sweater around my bust which is what I like. No gaps, no pulling in the Front and room to move but a better looking Back as I'm walking away.

At this stage it still looks like this.
Except it's a little bit longer. I've reached the number of stitches I need for my Back and also coincidentally the exact number of stitches I need for my sleeves. I have no idea yet whether this would also work out for every other size but it would be great if it did. So now I am going to continue working down to my desired yoke depth and increase only on the Fronts. That will give me the extra fabric on the Front that I need. I'm quite curious to see if this works out. Only 16 rows to go.


  1. I'm so glad I read this blog! I learned something once again! I'd never thought about making the back of a sweater narrower than the front. Makes perfect sense!!! I know for sure I have more front than back. LOL You always give me things to think about. Thank you!! :) samm

  2. At last, a reason to be thankful for my flat chest. Far less math!!:):)


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