Sunday 4 April 2010

Still editing. One more week and the new Teen booklet goes to the printers. I've been editing and taking care of other business: teaching a Top Down class, the end of the curling season, raking leaves, rehearsing with a band. General stuff mostly to keep myself from getting too anxious about the editing. Panic sets in at this stage for me because after this it's out there and who knows what will happen.

I recently read a book which says that you should start a new project before the old one is done. This keeps your momentum up and pushes you forward past the ending of the current project. So I have started several new projects. One is a sock book, another is some more single pattern leaflets which I will tell you about when I have some photos taken, and this new Top Down.
It's a square-necked, short sleeved cardigan which I am going to have done for the summer. This sits really well on the shoulders.

And the back is also dropped. The sleeves are large at the shoulders to get the drop in the Front and Back so I am almost at the full sleeve width already. That's what's making this interesting. I'm going to start playing with different neck treatments and see what happens. And I get a new sweater out of it too. Bonus!

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  1. I knew there was a reason I keep looking at patterns although I've several projects on the go!!! It's to keep my momentum going!! I always thought it was just terminal startitis... I really like the neckline on that sweater. I'm finishing the yoke on the EZ Lady February Sweater and understanding how the top down structure works. Now to figure out how to make a square top down neckline! Hope you've had this glorious weather this weekend! My brother in Barrie has had it, so likely you're basking in the warmth and sunshine in Orillia too. Feels like Spring! :) samm


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