Friday 23 April 2010

I think it's really coming along. And are you noticing that lace is showing up everywhere? So to jump on the bandwagon I decided to put a lace border on my summer sweater. It must be this lovely sunny weather that is causing this outbreak of lace.
I think lace knitters would call this scarf 'true lace' where you work the lace pattern on both the right side and the wrong side of the scarf. No gooffing off with a Purl Back row. I am testknitting this pattern so I have worked through both the written instructions and the Chart. I'm definitely a chart person. It makes so much more sense to me to follow the pattern when it's in chart form. But my state of mind is rather jumbled and disjointed at present and I'm finding I can only concentrate for small periods of time (totally me and not the pattern which is lovely to knit) so I've been sitting and working through one set of motifs and then putting it down for a bit. By working this a couple times a day I'm hoping to finish this scarf up next week.
Because I'm also knitting a very quick couple of  Last Minute Baby samples in cotton. They are fast and fun and a really easy TV watching project. I am quite convinced that one must have several projects on the go. Lace for when you are bright and want to really create something beautiful, a simpler lace to add a certain something to a plain sweater and the dead easy, work it in your sleep, project for when you're asleep at the needles. I'm sure that's not enough yet, I should start a sock soon too.


  1. The sweater is looking good. Built in bust darts so to speak.

  2. I'm very excited. This is completely OT, but I'm so excited that you will be at Knitter's Frolic and I'll be going too for the first time! I might even get to meet you. :) I hope you have patterns and yarn for sale there. Can't wait! samm who is excited!!!

  3. I love the lace edging on your summer sweater.



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