Thursday 22 September 2011

Division of Labour and a BIG THANK YOU

When there's only two of you in the entire company, division of labour is both essential and encouraged. Deb is off working away on our newest book and also working on the course program for our Knitting Retreat on November 18th (if you've not gotten the info and wish to have it, click here.

I'm still unpacking and filling orders from back to back shows (the Knitter's Fair and our own trade show KnitTrade) but I need to step that up as I'm supposed to start packing up for our trip out to KnitEast as we'll leave for the show early next week.

Here's how we looked minutes before Knitters Fair opened:
And here's what it looked like about 3 minutes later!
You can't do a show of that size without serious help. Here's our team - they were tireless and cheery and we couldn't do a show without them!
Barbara, Zelda, Dana and Carolyn
Al and Paul were a huge help last weekend at KnitTrade (sorry, didn't manage to take pictures of our guys lugging tables and boxes about) and that may have been the only time they saw us all weekend! We also had terrific help from Dylan (Deb's son), our sister Heather & husband Mark, Sandy (intrepid guild member), Glenda our book keeper, Dana, Carolyn and Barbara (yes, those three were hard at work two weekends in a row). Barbara was actually at both shows to represent her company Denise Interchangeable Needles but she volunteered to help and was pressed into hauling boxes, setting up displays and packing, unpacking and packing again both weekends. Oh, and Brenda! from Grey Heron (one of our stores) came and helped me out in the Cabin Fever booth! 

So, although I started this blog saying it was just Deb and I? Well, it really isn't. We have amazing help and support from our friends and families (and yes, both guys are helping me pack orders and our trailer over the next couple of days).



  1. The KW Knitters Fair is a can't-miss outing every year, and it's always a pleasure to see what's new from Cabin Fever. It looked like the busiest booth at the show! My LYS was planning to be at Knit Trade too. Can't wait to see what goodies they've found for us.


  2. A BIG thank you to Lyn, Deb and gang for a fabulous KniTrade show.
    I have followed up with 4 vendors already and new products will be heading to my shop.

    Well done,
    Karen - Grey Heron Wool Shop Collingwood

  3. Looking forward to meeting you at KnitEast. Hoping you and Deb might have 5 minutes for a cup of tea.


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