Monday 12 September 2011

To answer tc's question:
The buttonholes are worked the same on both buttonbands. You sew the buttons over the holes on the appropriate buttonband (the left buttonband for women) and close the hole as you sew the button on. That ensures that the buttons and the buttonholes always line up. Is that terrific or what?

This sweater has a raised back of neck using short rows. They do a good job and are really easy to work in Garter Stitch.

But I had an idea for a short row adjustment as we were discussing the sweater so the neckband may be coming off, snip, snip. I'm happy with the fit though.
Let me introduce Barbara from Denise Needles who is very kindly modelling this sweater (even with only one sleeve completed).
This is their new product of which I am a proud owner.
These are going to be perfect for top down knitting. When I need a longer circular needle I just add on another length of wire. The wires can be used to hold the sleeve stitches too.
I think I'm almost there with this one. One more idea to try out and that should be it.


  1. Aaahhh! Clear now! That sweater looks so great on the model !
    re: the needle set. I always use Bryspun circs because my hands hurt a lot . It seems they have more 'give'. Are these new needles hard and stiff like hard acrylic, or pliable?if so, I would race to get a set for myself!

  2. Beautiful fit, and I vote for this neckband (although I'm interested to see your "adjustment").

  3. I agree with Liz..I also like this neckline. It is unusual to find a garter neck on a top down..for plus especially..which does not end up being well off the neck and turning into a boat neck style .t_a


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