Sunday 25 September 2011

On the Road Again, you can sing along if you like. We're off to New Brunswick to the Knit East show. Should be a fun trip. I've got sweaters to work on and socks to knit. Lots to keep me busy when I'm not driving. Lots to think about even when I am.
My new sweater, which I thought would work out fine, did not. But I have a solution which I'm happy with and it almost works. Almost meaning some very slight adjustments are still needed and then we're good.
The front is the square I had envisioned. And now the back is a filled in square.

It's going to sit really well on the shoulders with this filled in back. The numbers work only with garter stitch so it's staying this way. I'm going to knit the full sweater on the trip. Hmm, now to decide what colour?


  1. Yikes! I haven't been reading and I've missed a bunch. Thanks for all your efforts, Deb. What I don't understand is why the back has to be garter. Couldn't you do stockinette instead?

  2. Have a great road trip, Deb.

  3. See you there! Wish I could knit the entire way. And wondering what route you'll be taking. I'm assuming that there might be complications if you cross into the U.S. and back again. We're going to go through New England, getting there by crossing Lake Champlain on the ferry. Very scenic.

  4. Really like the look of the garter stitch, Deb. Have fun on the trip. It was great to see you, Linda, and Barbara last week!



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