Friday 17 April 2009

How long

How long can you go without knitting?
My own record is only one day. Even when I'm looking for a break, one day seems to be as long as I can manage without picking up my needles at some point or reading a knitting magazine or at least talking to someone about knitting. So despite wanting a bit of a break I did finish my first sock with the swirl.I have wound up the second ball and have got the ribbing going for the second sock. Yes, you got that right. The second sock. I'm excited again. This weekend we are out and about and now that I'm prepared I'm all set for car knitting and concert knitting and knitting in my class on Sunday. Have knitting, will travel.



  1. That turned out nicely! I like the swirling, especially in that yarn. :) Second sock!? I don't believe it!!! LOL Happy knitting! samm

  2. A whole day without knitting. How did that happen?


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