Saturday 11 April 2009


This sock is no longer working. I've done the heel and put all the 'top of foot' stitches on one needle. As I work the gusset and top of the foot the pattern is starting to skew off to one side. Hmm, more experimentation is needed but not now. I think the heel is headed for frogging and a plain foot is called for here. I will have to cogitate on this some more but at some other time.

Speaking of reworking. I've redone the back of the Cut-Away cardigan.
I dropped all of the P2 parts of the ribbing,
and hooked them all back up again so that portion of the back is now stocking stitch.
And decided to make a diamond out of the ribbing at the small of the back,
because the whole cardigan needed to be longer. This is the before . . .
and the after. And the Front before . . .and after.
About 3" longer, and now 21" long from the bottom of the collar. Still a shortish jacket.

I suppose I should put some sleeves on it.


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