Wednesday 15 April 2009


I'm making some headway on the redo of my sock foot.

But otherwise everything is kind of at a stand still. The hat booklet has gone to the printers where we have run into some sort of misfit between our computer software and theirs. But fortunately it seems to be resolving itself (Lynda and the tech guys there are working on it). There will be a booklet shortly. Yay! Otherwise I am in that no man's land between finishing a big project and not being able to get any energy together to start anything new. This too will pass. Meanwhile I guess I could always work on the second sock.

P.S. Commenters:
Elizabeth, the blue sweater is in Soft Spun. I like using it a lot. It knits to 4.5 or 4 sts = 1" which is a nice quick knit.
Thanks for your comments, Valerie and Jed. I've worked on one sleeve but had to rip it out again, too tight. But I'll be starting it again soon.

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