Monday 20 April 2009


It seems like it's really spring now. And what does a girl's fancy turn to in spring? Yes, you got it . . .home renovations. This was the temporary solution to putting out 7 buckets to catch all the rain which all of a sudden seemed to be falling inside the house as the thaw set in. I did contemplate just leaving it there or maybe putting a big umbrella over my whole house, could be festive looking don't you think?Better looking than this, for sure. Yuck, old places never look nice underneath. As you can see the rain has probably been coming in for some time. And denial can only last so long, in my case 7 buckets was the breaking point. But doesn't it look lovely in pink? If you are a carpenter of any type, do not torture yourself by looking at this picture with it's irratic stud distances. It will only cause you distress. My whole house looks like this under it's skin. Weirdness everywhere. As my father says it give me licence to do anything I want, anyway I want. So I do. That was today's job. Friday's job was to shingle the roof (how sore was I??). Now it's raining and I keep running in to see if there is any water coming in. So far, so good. Come on rain, give me all you got !!

And I did do some knitting too (although not on shingling day - do you know what that stuff does to your hands, it's like handling giant sand paper, ow, ow, ow). I'm on my second swirl sock. Yes, eat your heart out 'Samm from the comments'. Second sock, right there, almost done. Hurrah.
I feel the need to start something new to celebrate. Something in pink I think. Ha, ha.



  1. Way to GO woman!!!! Two whole socks!!!! I'm proud of you, for shingling and second socking. :) samm

  2. p.s. my husband would tell me I shoulda worn gloves while shingling. I never do, though. :) s

  3. Well, I KNOW you know what you're doing with the carpentry, but I'm still impressed as hell. And you knit more sock too!! You go girl!!!!!


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