Monday 13 July 2009

back to work

Cabin Fever has been closed for 2 weeks and now it's time to get back at it. I have a list of patterns to write up.
The Swirl Sock.
The Double Cross Sock has to be reknit with some small changes but it's close to finished.The Tuxedo Jacket for babies still needs some work on the side panels. Not quite sure if it's ready quite yet.
The Cross-Over jacket which needs some work.
The Pine Cone Sock which has test knit but I still have to redo the toe. It's almost there.
This summer top is further along than this so I should write it up before the snow flies. But FIRST on the list is this one. I finally convinced Bernice that we must have an adult version of the Baby J and Junior J ( and, both of which she designed. So last week, after lunch in our favourite fish and chip place, we worked out the plan for the sweater. I will be writing it up and then we are both going to knit it at the same time. That's a double check on the pattern. It will be a great knit for the fall.

I have my work cut out for me for the next month. The summer is speeding by.



  1. Deb, I am looking forward to the adult J. You are right it is time.

  2. The sock patterns are great, Deb. And I'm watching the jacket, which I love but don't know if I can "carry it off". Glad you and Momma Bear are doing the adult sweaters - are you going to have a race with knitting the sweaters?

    haven't forgotten the yarn crawl - just sorting some things out........


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