Thursday 16 July 2009


My previous plan of work has been interrupted by sample knitting for the Sock Summit ( . Lynda is going to have a cabinfever booth there and will be selling some lovely sock wool with bison in it - yeah, bison - cool eh?
It's spun by Sylvie and Jacque at their Fibre-Isle mill in P.E.I. ( and it's gorgeous. I have the natural colour which feels so soft in the skein you just want to keep squeezing it. It knits up beautifully too.
I'll get some more done by tomorrow so you can see the little knots on the leg of this sock ( I'm knitting the women's version. The men's version calls for sock wool which knits to 28 sts = 4"/10cm giving the sock a 9"/23cm circumference. I am going this one with the Lovit Bison at a gauge of 32 sts = 4"/10cm for a sock circumference of 8"/20 cm. The same number of stitches for both sexes, just playing with the gauge and weight of sock wool. I can't wait to wash this sock and see if it blooms up a little. It's lovely to work with.

I expect that Bernice is way ahead of me on the Adult J jacket. I will be casting on soon to try and catch up to her.


  1. Yes Deb, I am half way through the collar, long way to go.

  2. Ooooo bison - like you had to have your arm twisted to switch to that!!!


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