Friday 17 July 2009


Here is the bison ( in knots. I love making these little guys. Not the big to-do that bobbles are, just a little maneuvering and there it is, a perky little knot.
They are coming out beautifully in this luscious wool. Still the rest of the cuff to go but it's no problem at all. In fact it's calling to me.

Today in the car I got over 2" done on the collar of the JJ Jacket. Latest bulletin: At lunch time today Bernice informed me she was half way down her collar.

This is going to be good knitting for the car, in front of the TV or while I'm talking to friends. It's very relaxing to just knit, knit, knit along.

Tonight I'll be answering the call of the bison. But before I give in, I have a question. If you had several knitting stores in your area which carried more or less the same type of yarns, why would you shop at one store as opposed to another? Is it the convenience of location, the store's staff, the selection of yarns, the service after your purchase? Each of us probably likes a different shopping experience but what makes you go back and back and back to the same store?


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  1. I don't have the problem of more than one yarn shop to choose from. Wish I did! However the one I always go to would be my choice no matter how many there were around. The price is not much better than any other shop I have been in but it is the staff (who happens to be the owner) that draws me back. She is just plain super. So for me it is the knowledge of the staff that would bring me back.



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