Friday 10 July 2009

cool enough

How is your summer weather? Here it's not too hot and sometimes even unseasonally cool but great weather for knitters. I have progressed on my pullover.I've started the waist shaping which won't be much because I run out of room between my bust and my waist pretty quickly. I have a very short torso, being short all around, so I'm decreasing 2 sts at each side (where the imaginary side seam would be). Then work 1" and decrease 2 sts at each side again for a reduction of 8 sts which will bring it in about 1 1/2". Then I will start to put in paired increases to take to out again and then some. I'm making the hips at least 2" wider. I have tried it on about 4 times so far and it's looking good.

I have added several more repeats to my scarf ( pattern by Anne Hanson.I'm not anywhere close to finished yet, possibly one third done. This pattern is easy to memorize and I am finally getting used to the lace weight yarn. Yay. Makes my worsted weight yarn for the sweater seem thick and fast, fast, fast.


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