Friday 24 July 2009

JJ's not looking impressive

I had some further comments about why we shop at the yarn stores we do (thanks E. - check out the last post comments). Location does dictate what a shop might stock. I also got an email from a store owner saying that it doesn't matter what the latest craze is, a store owner has to know her customers and whether the stock she's buying is going to appeal to her knitters. A suburban shop or the 'only store in town' has to cater to a much more varied customer base and this can be very tricky since such a wide range of products and price points are needed. You might imagine yourself in the shop owners place next time you are in your local yarn shop. It does look different from the other side of the counter. Thanks for your input everybody. Lots of very interesting comments.
Speaking of yarn shop products here is my latest being knit up. Is it just me or do you find that sometimes sweaters just don't do us any service by looking extremely goofy for so long. "Yes, it's a sweater, at least it's going to be, really, would I lie to you?"
This is the schematic for the red sweater above. I'm not too far along yet but #1 is the collar. On my 'girl' you can plainly see it is a garter stitch flipped over collar which is going to be quite lovely. I have finished panel #2 down the Left front.I just started on the Back panel #3. And I mean just started. I think I have worked 2 ridges there and obviously need a longer needle than that double pointed needle to get going. The clothes pin is pinning the first buttonholes together just to show you what's what. If you want to see it a little further along go to because Bernice is motoring on ahead. This is her design and based on her Baby J (

I think it's movie night at our house tonight and that means lots of garter stitch and popcorn.



  1. Deb, lets see by tomorrow just how far we each are with our JJ project. I will be gartering tonight also. MBK

  2. and I'll be watching both of you and your progress, as I motor along with a scarf.........


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