Tuesday 29 April 2008

Button, button, who has the button?

Which one of you said that doing a book must be fun? Come on which one. If you send me your address I will send out all these sweaters which have all the ends to finish and buttons to sew on. They have to be done for tomorrow so you'll have to sew very, very fast. Anyone? I guess no one can step up to the plate unless they live down the street from me. Oh well, I should look for my T-shirt that says 'I'm in a bad mood anyway, might as well sew on buttons'. Yeah that shirt. Might explain why my husband is giving me a wide berth today.
I mean really, it's only 43 buttons after all. Who's idea was it to do a cardigan booklet anyway? Oh yeah, it was my idea. I always seem to forget about this part. It's like childbirth, you just forget until next time. Next time might be a while down the road after this - wait that has a familiar ring to it, I'm sure I've said this before.

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