Thursday 10 April 2008

Yay! Done!

Yes! I finished my little sweater for the Baby Booklet last night. Still to finish the matching socks of course ...

Sophy and I had a little mini show and tell this morning. Sophy's little sweater is in Lime and has a neat textured panel across the body with inserts up the back and sleeves. She's currently being cranky about the cast off. I expect to hear much about different ways of casting off over the next day or two!

I'd show you a picture of mine, it's done in Denim, Lime and Lemon, with a combination of garter stitch and slip stitch colour work, but Deb's "borrowed" my camera (which I suspect I may never see again :)

Now, itty, bitty, tiny socks to knit ...


1 comment:

  1. It sounds like a great sweater! The colours will be fantastic together. Can't wait to see it! :)


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