Monday 14 April 2008

Deadline Knitting

It's time to 'fess up. When you have a deadline do you work diligently on your project, little by little working towards completion with a happy heart and pure thoughts of only this one project and how wonderful it is going to be when you finish several days ahead of schedule?

Or do you have a sudden and irresistable case of startitis and envision yourself wearing lovely socks next winter which have to made now because the colours are wonderful and it's only a small project, or two, and working on The Project will be more enjoyable for the diversion.

Project # 1 Checkerboard Socks in Shelridge Farm Ultra
Project # 2 Plain Toe Up socks in On Line Supersocke Cotton
Sock needles are so small (2.25mm) that when I go back to The Project using 3.75mm needles I will feel like I am motoring along on giant needles. That's my theory and I'm sticking to it.
Oh, The Project, yes it's knitting all 5 basic Baby V cardigans in different yarns. 0-3month size done, 18 month size in progress. Only 3 more to do.
- Deb


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  2. You mean I have to choose just one way to be??? I can't! I have insatiable startitis, for sure, and will cast on to avoid other projects or to stop work on them until the spirit returns, or until I've thought through some part of the pattern. I do work to deadline, however, and am doing that right now, a tank top for the granddaughter's birthday, and a cabled handbag for my cousin's birthday which has to be sent around the end of May when Amelie's birthday falls. The knitting on these two items is crucial right now, as Sock Wars is coming! I need to have these done! So I can work to deadling, no problem. But I'm wanting to cast on the new etsy yarn that arrived today.... and try the purse pattern which has me baffled... samm


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