Thursday 10 April 2008

You want us to ship ... where?

We'll ship anywhere ... any time!

I got asked recently, when Deb and I were down doing our talk on self-publishing at the Downtown Knit Collective in Toronto, who our customer's were. Well, you know how they say it's a small world? It's neat actually, how big the knitting world is! In the last two weeks we've gotten orders from Canada, the United States (by far the most), Malaysia, New Zealand and the UK! Not bad for a tiny little company in the "near North" of Ontario.


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  1. I agree. The knitting world is huge and getting wider by the day. I have been a computer-search knitter for a few years, but Ravelry has opened up the world of knitters to me. I have knitty friends all over the world now, and 'talk' with them frequently. And I have knitty friends here at this blog too! I'd love to meet you someday. Maybe it'll happen. :O) Glad your business is growing. Your patterns are special. Knitters like special! samm


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