Friday 25 April 2008

Hand-painted or not

I love hand-painted sock wool. It's beautiful. The play of the colours is always so interesting while you knit. But I am finding that it is not always the best for showing certain patterns.

Lynda has dyed some sock wool and I'm using the cornflower blue which is gorgeous.

And as you can see the check pattern is showing up much better on the solid colour. So the other one is going to be ripped out and I'll try another type of pattern for it. Hmmm, something swirling would be nice, or how about a chevron type pattern, where are my stitch dictionaries, I think I left them by my chair...
Gotta go,


  1. Mmmmmmmmmmmm beautiful colours. I want!!! :O)samm

  2. Socks Rock whatever colour they are.


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