Thursday 3 April 2008

Send some Spring this way

The view outside my side door. Those snow banks are shrinking for sure.

We could still use some help here. Please send some spring thoughts our way. There are no flowers yet and my grass is somewhere under all that sand at the edge of the road.

Diane at Georgetown Yarns in, yes you got it, Georgetown, Ontario sent some photos in the mail of a workshop I gave at her store in February. I see that everyone is very hard at work. Believe it or not, I think they were having fun. And I'm standing there with my arms crossed because I forgot to bring something easy to knit on myself and I never know what to do with my hands. This crew is working on a V-neck cardigan (teddy bear sized) shaped using short rows.

And this group are working on their first Top Down ever. No wonder they are concentrating.

While they work away I'll give you an update on the Baby V booklet which is coming along. I have one more sleeve done. Is this going as slowly for you as it is for me? It seems to take forever to make progress. One more sleeve to go and I'm done. I've also got it all written up, ah, that's where the time has gone. This weekend I'm knitting up the basic versions in many sizes and sending off the patterns to the pattern checker. We're off and there is not turning back now.


  1. We've got melting snow lumps here too. :O) It's going, slowly. The rain today helped a lot. I love the hem shaping in the little sweater! And at the sleeves too. Very pretty. samm


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