Wednesday 14 May 2008

Baby 'V' Booklet

I'm just working on the layout of the new baby booklet and thought I'd post a "rough" of the cover. This is not the final by any means but the picture is too cute not to show off!

This is Keegan, in Bernice's cardigan. How can you resist her or the sweater?

We're not yet sure how big the booklet will be as Deb is still madly checking the patterns. Then she'll be test knitting them, then I'll get them for layout. We decided to add a hat as well and I'm just writing that up now. Sometimes we do have trouble stopping!

This image will be in the Fall Issue of Vogue Knitting in their special advertising section. This issue is featuring knitting in Canada so it seemed appropriate to put an ad in.



  1. Oh My Gawd!!! how proud I am. MommaBearKnits a.k.a. Bernice

  2. I'll take the booklet and the little model. How cute. It is a lot of fun to see the process of writing a booklet from beginning to end. The patterns look adorable. Our son and daughter in law are expecing their 2nd child and I can see knitting a new sweater in my future.

  3. I have really enjoyed watching this booklet grow! Keegan is beautiful and the sweater matches her eyes exactly! I'll be watching for the booklet to be for sale. My littlest grandboy would look adorable in a sweater from the pattern. samm

  4. I've enjoyed watching the development of this booklet . . . the SECOND it is available, I'm in.

    My great niece needs more clothes and there is another baby on the distant horizon . . .

    Can't wait!!!!!


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