Friday 30 May 2008

barter works

I teach a couple of young women every Thursday evening (or almost every) at one of their homes. We have a good time, knitting and drinking tea. They are enthusiastic and a joy to teach. We decided that since they are both without income (a stay-at-home mom and a student) and they are both great cooks, that we could do a trade of expertise for expertise. I teach them knitting and they give me food. It's wonderful. Last week I came home with a rhubarb pie and pasta salad. Next meeting I am getting cinnamon buns and potato salad. I get a salad recipe too, so I am trying a couple of cold salads for the summer with the idea that I might be able to make them myself. Ha, lots of luck there.

This week I came home with curry, yummy, and from Alana B I purchased (with a barter discount) these earrings which I had seen on her etsy site ( . And asked for a pendant to match. I found an old silver chain in my drawer and now I have dress up jewels. These are quartz discs. Cool.

I love to see that entrepreneurial spirit, don't you? I am trying to come up with a good knitting stick idea for her to make.


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