Monday 12 May 2008

I'm making some progress on my matching socks. The man's sock foot looks like any other checkered sock but I've put the knots in the leg now and I think it really adds something.
I worked several, actually more than several, knots and finally ended up with a redo I had done for the Wellington Hat. I don't like to Turn to do one row of knitting so I slip the sts back onto the Left needle and work one more row (amounts to one row of I-cord). Pulling the wool across the back of the knot also makes it stand out and not want to burrow to the wrong side.
I'm knitting the purple Women's sock in finer wool at 8 sts = 1" from Shelridge Farm, Soft Touch Ultra ( This wool willl show up the pattern really well. The Man's sock is in Dream in Colour (, slightly heavier wool which has very subtle colour variations, lovely.
I have decided on names - Queen's Castle and King's Knight. Thanks for some chess names Samm. I don't think any of the pieces on the chess board are female except for the queen, so she got the mansion.

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