Friday 23 May 2008

Shrugs .. vests ... what would you call it?

I think I might have mentioned that I was fooling around with shrugs? Or, are they vests? Vrugs? Shests? Any thoughts on names?

At any rate, poor Morgan, my niece, had a terrible cold while we were up at the cabin last weekend but was good enough to pose for me with the shrug/vest thingie. This was my first go, and alas was too small for me but seems to fit her fine. She's gone off with it and as it's a machine wash and dry cotton/acrylic it should do just fine! It's quite appropriate that it go to Morgan, as I was shopping with her a few months ago and was amusing myself looking at "knitted" items in the store while she was several hours (oops, minutes) in the change room. I'm sure the sales staff were wondering what on earth I was doing as I was examining this shrug thing in minute detail and trying to work out the proportions. It was knit in pieces, of course, and my first attempt does have a bit of sewing. My 2nd attempt, to hopefully fit me, is going to be knit in one piece of course as I am NOT a good finisher.

The lapel is in a loose rib with the back done in a simple lace. I like how the lace "curves" on the back and gives it an interesting look. The original one in the store had a cable back but I wanted something more summer-like and airier so thought the lace was a better choice. It looks VERY strange when you are holding the garment in your hand. It looks like a sweater except that there is no hole for the head! Which is exactly what Mom said "where's the head"???

Well, this was my break from working on the Baby booklet. Time to get back at it! Here's another picture from the booklet ... isn't she too cute??!!



  1. I like the vrug! Very becoming to the model, and an interesting combination of stitches and shapes. What weight yarn is it knit from? I wonder if it could become a cardigan, with longer lapels and back, plus sleeves... One button in front..... Hmmmmm... :O) samm

  2. Kathryn (my 15 year old) would so wear this. As long as I didn't tell her I knit it. Look forward to seeing the next version, Lynda.

    Anonymous Jo-Anne (yes, from high school)


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