Sunday 4 May 2008

We are introducing a new product at this trade show in Sturbridge MA. These are fused glass shawl pins made by Paul Fogarty in Huntsville. He shares a store with our friend and Cabin Fever designer, Karen Lawrence at Sheepstrings wool shop ( He does stain glass work and jewellery work out of his shop. He also does lessons and lots of custom work. These will be on our website soon and run from $39 - $69. They are gorgeous.
We begin the trade show today. Lots of vendors I've never seen before so lots for me to explore, new product and putting faces to product I am familiar with. This is my first time here, Lynda has come to this show twice before but it's getting bigger all the time. I'll take some pics to show you where your local yarn store owner may be doing their shopping for you. It's always so much fun talking to store owners. They tell us who their customers are, what they are looking for and also what they are not finding and would like us to do in the future. Good info.
It's pouring rain but I really need a walk so I'm venturing out for a stroll along the country road the motel is on.

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