Saturday 31 May 2008

Getting there!

I've been madly knitting away trying to get a shrug done for tonight. I'm going to a movie premiere ... yes, really, with red carpet and everything! Very exciting. My cousin Jim is a movie editor/independent movie maker and he did the editing and the sound for the movie "Cycle of Fear". So a bunch of the cousins are going to see the movie and attend the gala. Which means, of course, that I needed "something to wear". Ominous words yes? I have a pretty, spaghetti strapped, dress that I want to wear and had knit a lacy little tiny shrug in April, when it was HOT. As it is now very much cooler (yes, we had May weather in April and April weather in May) I suddenly decided on Sunday that I needed something a tad warmer. So I cast on. Now this week has been pretty frantic with getting ready for the show (see below) so not too much knitting time. This morning I cast off the bottom, now I need to finish two sleeves. What time is it?

I got the boxes packed and shipped (for the show) on Tuesday and Wednesday and I have been working on getting the booklet to a stage where I can have 5 copies made up by the printer as "dummies" to take to show stores so they can place orders. The deadline was Friday at 8:15am. I made it there at 8:31am. Don't ask how much sleep I got the two previous nights. I've also been working on getting the new patterns ready to show as well - and need Deb to finish knitting hers so we can get photographs! Here's a photo of my new (really easy) reversable cable afghan (knit in our Northern Lights 100% wool). Quite pleased with it.


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  1. The afghan is gorgeous! How big is it, and when will the pattern be available? Good luck with the shrug; can't wait to see pictures.


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